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The Magnetic Man

Updated: Jun 8

The Magnetic Man

Used his thoughts

And words

To attract

The magic of life

To him

Everything he wrote

And everything he said

Manifested itself

Into his reality

The more he knew

The more he grew

The more material he had

To chisel himself

Into his vision for himself

He was a magnet

And whatever he thought

Whatever he said

Whatever he wrote

Whatever he did

Got pulled to him

Whether they were positive or negative

It didn’t matter

If he thought it

If he spoke it

If he wrote it

If he did it

It eventually

Found him

So he

Paid attention

To his thoughts

And intents

He realized

He had a significant influence

On what things

Were getting pulled to him

And what things

He got pulled too

He was


And to others

It looked more like



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