The Lone Dandy

The lonely dandelion

Creeping out of the cracks of the pavement

She’s a single plant

A piece of nature

Defying man

Who tries to control her


Who decides what is a weed

And what is beautiful

What’s a flower

And what’s a parasite


Who chops her down

And builds a house out of her

The dandelion stands alone

Mrs. forgien invader

In fierce rebellion against the control of man

She rages against it

As long as she can

A lone dandelion

Then man comes along

And plucks her out

With no effort at all

A decapitation

A slicing and dicing

Like we always do

But the lone dandelion

Did nothing to us

There is no practical use

Of plucking the dandelion out

Except she doesn’t fit

In the box we’ve created

For this world


Who thinks this world is for him

To mold and fold

To his will

So he plucks

And chops

And plows

And dams

And drills

Taking bites out of mother nature

Which somehow he is a product of

But has grown to feel above

It’s something like the child

Punching the mother.

I am rooting

For the lone dandy

In her fight

Against man

And I hope to see

More dandelions

Growing out of our cracks some day.


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