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The Kaleidoscope

We think we see the world

through the lens of something like,

a microscope.

We think we know things.

We think we have ‘Science’ now,

and ‘Science” will be our savior.

We assume we think clearly.

We try to pretend like we understand the mind.

We like to think that we know the way a society should be structured.

We are slaves to our egos.

Everyone of us.

What if the lens that we assume we are looking through,

and onto reality with,

is not,

in fact,

a microscope?

What if consciousness doesn’t make reality clear at all,

to us


have it?

What if the thing we are looking through,

and onto reality with,

is more like,

a kaleidoscope?

What if we have so much wrong?

What if we are way off?

What if the tool we have to measure the world,

is a bad one?

What if,

the microscope you think you see reality through,

is just



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