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The Hippies Grew Up, And Now They Shit On The Sidewalks

These days pass by

as we pass the time

getting drunk

and high.

We don’t tell lies,

but maybe,

this life is a lie.


seems like a drag,

but at least it’s honest.

These hippies got old,

and now,

they're the new architects of our streets.

Their boxes and shopping carts are the new lawn gnomes.

Their eyes are as vicious as a hyena’s.

Their shit and needles are the new flowers.

I don’t blame them,

rejecting this society,

to seek their individual pleasures,

it’s trendy when we’re young,

but it gets ugly as we get old.

Their usual drugs stop cutting it after a while.

The refusal to participate in capitalism,

I understand the moral principle,

but they get left behind in the process.

The game goes on whether they play or not.

Those hippies,

they turned into the homeless–

and the criminals,

they also said,

‘fuck the rules.’

The soldiers,

who killed and died for our society,

they also get left behind.

They lived in a world of war,

and that world plays by its own rules.

They came back home,

and they found out,

that they also

don't fit into this game we play.

When you really start to pay attention to how many people reject their own society,

you realize,

we still have no idea what we are doing.


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