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The Great Escape

Into the maze we go

Down deep into the hole

Running around in circles

Searching for a way out

Searching for a meaning of the maze.

Up and down

all around

we look

for love

we look

for life

but there is only walls


and illusions.

The maze tempts us with pleasure

It grabs a hold of us with constant stimulation

Constant scrolling

Constant consuming


to distract you

from your great escape.

Some settle in the maze

They build their houses

and their fences

They buy a T.V

and adopt a dog

They remain

content in the maze,

making the best out of it,

without every realizing that they are


We are born into it.

The game has been set,

and we are forced to play within the rules,

that the past has written for us.

The only way out

is to grow wings

and fly away.

This is

your great escape.


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