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The Flea

The flea

   Has an average vertical 

Of thirty-six inches 

   Which is about 

Twenty more inches 

   Than I can jump 

They say

   If you capture a flea

And put in a jar

   And screw on a lid

That the little flea

   Will jump up

And hit it’s head

   Over and over again

On the lid

   In an attempt

To be free 

. . .

Even the flea

   Will rage in it’s cage

To be free


Even the flea

    Can jump higher than me

Even the flea

   Can have dreams of being free

And even the flea

    Can inspire 

       You and me 

          To jump a little higher

           To try a little harder

            To see if we can push ourselves

              Just a little further 

Will you rage in your cage like the flea?

Or will you sit down and turn on your TV?

CH 5/22/24

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