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The Drunken Direct Democracy

I have an idea for a new government


who am I to have an idea about anything?

I could try to explain it,

but I doubt it’ll do any good.

I am not a lawmaker


a power hungry politician.

I’m just a shitty writer.

No one will take me seriously.


I guess I’ll tell you about it,

even if you don’t want to hear it.

I think we need a direct democracy,

with easy to read and understand laws,

and these laws have a 4 year expiration date on them.

After 4 years,

they will have to be voted on again.

Our current laws never go away.

They stay,

and more laws get piled on.

People die

but laws never do.

Our representatives are useless.

And they also,

stay way longer than they need too.

I used to be called ‘An Anarchist’

but I am willing to compromise.

This is my compromise.

The drunk writer demands the whole country changes for him.

And a direct democracy,

with crypto currency,

and a free market,

is what he demands.

So what’re you still doing here?

Go shape my world.

Go make it for me.

And i’ll sit back

and keep critiquing it

from the sidelines.

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