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The Clash

If you're anything like me

Then there’s a God complex

Fighting your inferiority complex

Inside of your skull

And down into your bones

A pull

Of your soul

Two powerful ends of the spectrum of the self


In a colossal clash.

. . .

Are you good enough?

Can you do it?

Should you do it?

Who do you listen to?

The voice of power?

Or the voice of destruction?

One blinds you

And the other builds you.

How do you talk to yourself?

Does your inner voice love you?

Or does it hate you?

What is the story about yourself that you tell yourself?

When you see the world

Do you see potential?

Or do you see poison?

What do you believe you could do with this life?

What do you doubt?

I ask you these things

In hope that

You’ll believe in yourself for awhile

And see what happens.

CH 1/24/24

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