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The Busy Bee

The busy bee

doesn’t have


to stop

and smell the flowers.

It's an old cliche, I know, but still…

There is no pride in being busy,

but yet,

in America,

it’s a vice

it’s a flex.

it’s an excuse.

What is so great about being busy??


Busy means you’re making money??

Busy means you’re moving up at your job?

Busy means you’ll be able to save up

and buy that thing you always wanted?


In America,

we are just obsessed with the material and status.

Complete bullshit.

Being busy won’t bring us happiness,

It’ll just be a way to pass the time.

It’s just a way to ignore our real problems;

our internal unhappiness.

We put our present selves on the back burner,

hoping that more money and status will fulfill that void in the future.

It’s like a carrot dangling in front of the face of the horse;

it’s just a way to keep us moving,

A way to keep us buying;


furthering the empire of the corporate elite.

Complete bullshit.

The next person that complains about being ‘busy’,

I want to kick in the groin.

The next person that complains about being so tired

because they are so busy,

I want to spit in their face.

The next person that

says the reason they haven't changed their life,

or chased their dream,

is because they are so goddamn busy,

I want to grab their hand,

and cry with them;


they are already dead.

They sold their soul to capitalism

and they don’t even realize it.


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