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The Art On The Edge Of Chaos

The fighter dances in the chaos-

he stays calm,

he stays loose,

he smiles at chaos,

ready for anything,



He embraces the chaos

and paints a picture on the canvas,

that is the chaos.

A game of millimetres

A life of milliseconds

A gamble of brain cells



Tempting fate

Smiling at god

Looking the reaper

right in the eyes

and telling the pale rider,

“Catch me if you can.”

The reaper is too slow

The fighter,

the great one,

values his life

He must not be willing the sacrifice it

for just any purpose.

This is key when you constantly tease the reaper.

He must believe in what he can do

In every movement-

every step,

every punch,

all those millimetres

and milliseconds,

he must master them,

and bet his life on them.

The dance on the edge-

the art it produces,

the stories it can tell,

it’s a perfect canvas to create something real.




Making a man miss your chin

Making him desperate

Seeing his eyes panic

Giving him a puzzle

he cannot solve,

as you solve the puzzle,

that is him.

You must be a bit delusional

to be a great fighter.

You must believe in magic.

In the power of the human spirit.

You must believe in ideas,

and it helps,

if you know what you want to stand for-

what you want to represent,

what story you want to tell.

Your philosophy is on full display.

Your spirit, you let everyone see it.

They pay to see it.

They watch you on their screens

and every movement

builds suspense.

It’s one of the purest forms of art.

An ultimate self expression.

The calm in the storm.

The controller of chaos.

The fluid combination of the spiritual

and the physical.

It’s alchemy.

The fighter must be an alchemist .

He must combine his spirit,

with the science,

make it his art,

and express it,

through his physical body,

in order to create something special.

He must capture a moment

and take control of it.

He must stop time

and become one with the moment.

He must control the energy of his opponent


everyone in the stadium


everyone watching at home

and everyone who might ever watch it,

or hear about it.

For no matter what happens,

energy will be exchanged.

The emotions of the observer

hang in the balance,

it hangs on the edge of chaos.

A fight can inspire a man

and that power-

to inspire people,

to make them believe

to tell them a story,

that’s where the magic lays.

Artists and fighters

really aren’t that different

that way.


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