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Stop Drinking The Damn Kool-Aid!

‘A jar of poison sit’s on the top shelf

in your pantry.

You take sips from it every day.


You don’t believe me?

Are you calling me a liar??

How dare you!

I am many things


a liar is rarely

the thing

that I am.

I like to think I am an excellent exaggerator,

but that’s what writers do babe.


back to your poison.

Let me ask you something,

have you ever been in a toxic relationship with a man?


You’ll understand exactly what I am saying then!!

A few more questions babe,

if you’ll allow it?


What was it like to be with him??

Did he control you??

Lie to you??

Tell you what to do??

I bet he tried to tell you what right and wrong is, right???

I knew it! They always do!!

Did he spin everything to make it seem like you were the one that was always in the wrong?

At a certain point,

did you feel like you were trapped with him??

I bet you felt like he was forcing you to be with him??

Maybe he even used violence?? Or threatened you??

Did you have days where being with him felt like sipping on poison….?

….I am so sorry you went through that babe.

I wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy!

To control another human being using those horrible methods,

what a despicable man!

I ask you one more question babe,

then I am on my way

and onto the next bar.

Just one more!

I swear!

I need to get going anyways doll,

I have my own poison to sip on…

Okay, so listen closely,

all of those toxic qualities about that poisonous man….

they have the same qualities as our government!!

Hold on babe!

Stop for a second and think about it….


Exactly the same…..

Our own Government is forcing us to stay in a toxic relationship with them!

So if you ladies are so quick to see the poison in man,

why are you blind to the most obvious poison??

Where do you think these men get their ideas about control from??

I’ll tell you babe!

They are taught to be toxic by the poison you willingly sip on!!

The Damn Government,

that’s who teaches them.

If you can do me one favor before I go...

I ask you,


I beg you!

Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid.’


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