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Spirtual Curveballs

It’s impossible to try to be spiritual

And mediate

When your roommate

Is fucking the shit

Out of his girlfriend


It just goes on and on and on and on and on

This guy has some serious stamina

I’m honestly jealous

These walls are pretty thick

And her moans

Echoed through the house

For a good 30 minutes

I could hear her cheeks clapping

And the headboard

Pound against the wall

I tried hard to block it out

And attempt to breath and find peace

But nope

Sex starts to pinball between the ears

And soon

Love follows

I think about her


Some of my lovers in the past

I let a few amazing women

Get away

Without a second thought

And I’ve let some horrible women

Pull on my strings

And make me dance

I’m a fool

Still holding out

For something special

But not smart enough

Or brave enough

To grab it when it’s right in front of me


They’ve finally stopped fucking.


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