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Some days

It’s hard to say



Some days

It even feels hard

To sit up


I’ll sit up

From scrolling through my phone for an hour

And just fall back down

In exhaustion

But I still remain

Oddly proud

Of getting up for a second or two

It’s a small win

For a brief moment

And then I go back

To scrolling


I’ll sit

Staring at my walls

While trying to decide

What it is exactly

That I want to do

And sometimes,

I’ll sit

In contemplation

About what to do

For an hour

And then sometimes,

What I spend an hour deciding to do

Ends up


A complete bust


I feel the weight

Of having

Too many choices

Combined with

Too much stimulation

Mixed with a constant need to be entertained

And sometimes

It feels


That’s why

Just sitting up

Can be


But I only feel this way



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