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The Butterfly Doesn't See It's Wings

Monday morning

When I try


Set my sails

In a direction

For the week

I try

To nudge my ship

Along the sea

On Monday morning

I try to manifest

And create

I try to be

And embody

I set my intentions

On this Monday morning

I try to be open to being loving

And forgiving

I try to be open

To receiving blessings

As well as

Giving them

On this Monday morning

I anticipate the success I’ll soon



And I try to understand

That new challenges appear

If I let them


This is what I do

On Monday morning’s

But I know

The chaos will come

It’ll greet me like the old friend it is

And it has the power to dissolve all of my plans, manifestations and intentions

In an instant

But nowadays

I don’t resist it

I embrace it

And smile

And understand

Some days

The sea’s have to



Will fight against me

It’ll feel like

Walking through sand

Up a mountain

With a weighted vest on

And two left shoes on my feet

The wind will howl in my face

And the sky’s will cry

But yet


I am called

To keep going


Will repel us

But then


Something shifts

Storms don’t last forever

And then

After life repels us

It will attract us

We get pulled

Into something

Bigger then just

Our little ego’s

We get called

To grow

On Monday morning’s

Life gives us wings

The butterfly

Never see’s

It’s wings

The butterfly

Never see’s

It’s wings

The bird doesn’t know

That it sings

The musician

Doesn’t see

The miracles


By the music

In the soul

Of the listener

The author . . .

Never see’s

The reader.

On Monday morning’s

Try to understand

You are

The miracle

That you don’t see

In the world.


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