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Slept On Her

For most of my life

I’ve been taking her for granted

This thing

That we are surrounded by

But also

A part of


Mother nature

I slept on her

It’s easy to do

Here in America

Where we’ve used physics

To manipulate her

And turned her

Into our technology

I feel like

If we don’t relax

With our technological advancements

Mother nature

Is going to bite back

The apple with the bite in it

Is an ironic symbol

In more than one way

That’s for sure...


That I am

More aware of her

And her influence on us

As well

As her influence in us

I can feel the sun

I can look at a flower

I can watch the birds

And a peace falls over me

It’s like starring in a mirror

It’s like watching

The past,

The present

And the future

All at once

It’s like watching complete randomness

And also

Perfect symmetry

A unique blend

Of chaos

And structure

How could I have slept on her for so long?


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