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Shove Your Math Up Your Ass

Take your math

And shove it up your ass

I don’t have to play

By your rules

In the playground

That you made

So take your math

And shove it up your ass

I will not be confined

By your lines

Take your laws

And your ideas about ideals

And play with razor blades

I will not behave

How you think I should

My soul is not yours to cage

It’s mine

To tame

If I want to

Take your beliefs

And swallow them

I don’t see the world like you do

I will not do

What you chose

Take your math

And science

And shoot them into the sun

Light the world up

Enlighten us

Because this world of yours

With it’s


And rules

And boxes

And ideas

And laws

It sucks the soul out of our eyes

And leaves us with

No meaning

Who cares if the world fits in your box

If it shits on our shine??

What good is the mind

If it can’t stand its own time??

Take your ‘objective’ way

And shove it up your ass.


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