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I found her laying in my bed with just my t-shirt on and my laptop open; her face inches away from the screen. Her eyes were darting back and forth, and her mouth hung open.

‘What’re you doing?’

She didn't look at me as she said,

‘I wanted to see if you have things on here you haven't put out yet.’

I put down my bag of groceries and laid down next to her.

‘I have a lot of shit on there babe.’

I got on top of her and plopped my head on her shoulder, reading what she was reading.

‘There’s a lot of porn on here’, she said, as I nibbled at her ear and gently grabbed her around her throat; just slightly choking her.

‘I have to do research babe’, I whispered in her ear.

She spun around and spread her legs open so I could fit on top of her. She raised one eyebrow up and said, ‘Research?’

‘Yes babe, research.’

She kissed me up my neck and stopped right at my ear and whispered, ‘That’s why you have me.’


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