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  Won’t you come save us?

Can’t you hear our screams?

Don't they reach you up there?

There are monsters to fight down here, Perseus.

  Won’t you come down?

We always need a good hero 

  And you were a great one

So come down

  And save us

Because this world now

  Has more monsters than ever before

And we are sorely lacking in


No one stands up to the Gods anymore

  And somehow

They’ve gotten more power

We built that tower

  To try to reach you

To let you know that

  We need you


   I am talking to you! 

Where have you been??

  Why’d you leave us??

Don’t you still believe in us?? 

Perseus . . . 

   We can’t do this alone

We can’t take a God's throne 

  We don’t have anyone to sit on it afterwards

We are broken

  Left hoping

That someone will save us

Medusa lives in our TV’s

And in our phones

We look at them

And are turned into stone

And Chronos has stolen our time

Dionysus has everyone drunk on wine

Aries is itching for war

Apollo hasn’t brought out the sun in awhile

Athena sits back and watches

Hermes zips around in our dreams

While aphrodite lives and breathes in everything

She created a culture that is obsessed with beauty 

Hades has his handsful down there

And he doesn’t even need to come up to us

To torture us

We do that all on our own

Poseidon has been poisoned 

And your father . . .

He’s running for president here 

We are fucked, Perseus 

If you could grab Achilles and Hercules 

And help us fight off these monsters 

I promise 

That next year

I’ll probably help.

CH 12/23/23

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