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One More

Another bar 

With romantic lighting

Making it impossible to read 

Candles flicker 

   The only dull light near me

       It makes it harder for a man to sit alone and look interesting 

         When he can't have his book out

He looks pretty dull

   With his phone in his hand

      Typing away

They don't know that he is writing poetry

    That'd make him slightly more intriguing

       Then texting on his phone

       Or scrolling through social media 

Yes, writing a shitty poem

    Is only slightly more interesting

      Then that 

No one talks to me 

    Except for the bartender

    Who only asks how I am doing

      Without actually caring about how I am doing 

It's code for

    How is my drink doing?

My drink is half-full of beer, young lady

    It's doing alright

       Only a little lonely tonight

No one even looks at me

    And that's okay

They don't need too

    There isn't much to look at

A regular face

     With his eyes on his phone

And there's only so many lines that a man can write

    While sitting alone at a bar

      Before he gets bored

     And heads home


   I'll drink another one

     And see if anyone notices me 

     While I drink one more.

CH 3/4/24

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