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Not Jesus

The man said I look like Jesus

With my long hair and beard

I didn’t know what to say

So I told him that Jesus

Sounds like a pretty rad dude

And a great philosopher

He said that Jesus and I have similar qualities

And proceeded to list a few

But I had stopped listening

I have a bad habit of daydreaming while people are talking to me

And He really is

A strange old man

He believes that women should be in charge of everything

He tries to argue that they are more loving and rational

As if those two things compliment each other

And that we should put them in charge of EVERYTHING

But I think he is just overcompensating for feeling guilty about being a straight white male in Today's western society

He jokingly said that dogs and women should be in charge once

At least

I think he was joking

He said dogs love unconditionally

I told him

Some dogs


And I told him that unconditional love doesn’t exist in the world

But that conditional love

Is all there actually is

I told him,


I am not Jesus

I have a different philosophy then him

I’m not the ‘anti’ him

Or anything

But yeah…

He was a rad dude

Who embodied the philosophy he taught

And I am definitely not that.’

This man was a writer once

And he also was a very successful business man

But now

He is an extreme feminist

And maybe

A dogist ?

If that's a thing?

If only he knew me

Then he would know

That comparing Jesus and I

Was hilarious

Even these words

Feel silly to write

But then I remind myself

That I am not responsible

For the delusions of old silly man

And if he wants to think that I am like Jesus

Or at least the whitewashed portrait of Jesus we have in America

Then fine by me

He is

A strange old man anyways...


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