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No Tricks

We never really get to where we want to be

even if we get close

to a place or state we imagined for ourselves

we’ll just keep moving the goalpost


Like everything else,

Is a process a process.

It’s a journey with no final destination

Life is as fickle as the wind

But still

It is only

a repeating pattern

of present moments

Have you ever wanted something and saved up money to get it?

But after time has passed

And you’ve spent months

Maybe even years

Saving every penny

When it was time to buy it

You didn’t really want it anymore?

Your eyes were on something else now

You moved your goal post

You changed your desire

But you convince yourself that it is still what you want

And buy it anyway…?

We often do this to our visions of ourselves

We see potential in what we could be

Something like a kids vision for his or her adult self


We never get there

And if we do

It’s not what we thought it would be

So we change the goal post

We adapt

Always adapting

It’s what were good at

The trick might be

To not want to be anywhere else then where we are currently at

Riding the wave of the journey

Enjoying the process

Letting things unfold for us and to us

Maybe the trick is

that there is no trick

Maybe there just is

And that’s it

And maybe

There is some magic in that.


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