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My Girl Molly

The dude gave me some Molly at the bar

And I am probably

Too old

To take random drugs from people

But I took my finger

And scooped out

That little white powder

And put it under my lower lip

It tasted


And he said

“Holy shit! That’s a lot, man.”

He slapped me on the back and said,

“Good luck.”

I was already

Pretty drunk

And I didn’t feel

Too much effect

From the Molly

Which is probably

A good thing

But my hangover this morning

Is just a little


Then usual

Still probably shouldn’t take random drugs from people at the bar though

Especially because

Last night

Some guy died

From cocaine

That was laced with


And there have been

So many of those


And I have a vague memory

Of some guy

Asking me

If I wanted a some coke

And I am pretty sure

That I said that I did want some cocaine

But I don’t really remember

What happened

After that . . .


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