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Like A Moth To The Flame

Men are drawn to her

Like she is a light

And they

A moth

They just head right towards her

And then she bites them

And smiles her smile which I’m not sure is a smile

And they fly faster

Right into her

I ask myself

‘Why do they act this way with her?’

‘What are they drawn to?’

But then I remember

I am a moth

Just like them

And I continue to head right towards her

I know I’ll probably be zapped

And head down to earth

Wings up and legs stiff

But yet 

I sit back

And watch these men buy her drinks

And make their best conversation

While  she sends them zinger after zinger

And I can’t help but laugh at some of her jokes

And these guys

Just eat it up

A really shitty realization is

I am not like them

I am much much worse

I am currently

the dumbest moth of them all. 


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