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Letting The Lion Out

Bring the lion out

Bring him out

    Feed the beast 

Free the beast

It’s time for that rebirth

   Born in the fire

Molded from the ashes

    Rise again

Young lion

   It’s time to be free

And let the shadow side


Who you will be 

   You can fade away


Let the lion out to play

   It’s already there

Just waiting for you 

   To use it 

So use it

   Or you’ll lose it 

Use that ego 

   To become strong 

Use your delusions of grandeur 

   To become grander 

Because right now

   You are no one

How could you make a difference?

   Your voice hasn’t been heard

You’re a nobody 

Your dream is absurd

   Nobody knows you want to save the world 

No one cares who you are

   No one knows you exists





Make them see you

    Make your voice be heard

Take all that pain

   And refuse to fade away 

 Its building again

   That fire within 

All you have to do

   Is fuel it

Strike that match

Take a spark

And turn your life into art

That drive you once had 

   It’s coming back stronger


   It’s bigger this time


   It’s wiser this time

More clever

    The old you would’ve quit already

    With legs this heavy

But the new you knows you could 


Building a spirit that will last


Chiseling out a man you can be proud of

    Living a life like you’re rooting for Yahweh 

And living a life like 

   Yahweh is 

Rooting for you


The man that wants the world to survive 

The man that wants people to stay alive

    The man who wants to touch the sky

The man that wants to inspire a planet

    But spends his time getting high out of habit . . .

He will be back soon

   He was to go through hell and back

And walk through it all with a laugh

   And smile

And after awhile

   He’ll wander back to you

And some day

   You can take the wild child

And make him tame 

  But not today



He has to rage

   Today he has to let his lion out of its cage.

CH 6/11/24


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