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Learned Ignorance

Here’s one just for me

Just to play

A Piece Of The Pie

These words


My world

These words

Are really only heard

By me

A place to be free

But then it happened


I am in control of more than I thought

A little influence on reality

Born through creativity

I can push back

And make a piece of this pie


Learned Ignorance

The old man told me

That if you believe it

Then you don’t know it

Because you can only believe in

What you don’t know

That's where faith comes in

But if you know it

Then it is a part of who you are

He told me

‘Know it. Don’t believe it.’

And I realized

All my theories of reality

Were wrong

And it was once again

Time to start over.

What I Wish I Knew

I know there is magic here

Or miracles

Whatever you want to call it

It breaths in these words

I know I won’t be alone much longer

I know

A great love is waiting for me

A story that’s more beautiful than anything ever written

It’s right there

Right in front of me

I know it

I know I can help others

I also know that I only kind of want to do that

I know life is mysterious

I know it’s hard sometimes


We do get what we ask for

In one way or another

I know

What I put out there

Is being felt

By something

Maybe just myself, sure

But maybe an energy beyond my understanding

I know that I don’t know…

And I know that I could write that Socratic line a million times and never know it…


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