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Just Bones And Blood

Dear Lover,

It’s me again

Still here

I followed you to hell

And almost heard your voice

But before I could

God took my soul back to heaven

I might have to fight him to see you again

But alas

I have decided that I don’t ever want to die for you

I’d rather

Do something

Much more meaningful

And that is

To live for you


That’s what I’ll do

I’ll hop heaven's gate

And parachute back down to earth

And live for you


Truly live

With passion and fire

With goals too big

And art so grand

They’ll stop and stare at my love for you

It’ll be on full display

For all passing glances to see

If you could escape hell

Kick the devil in the balls

And climb up

To see me one more time

Here on this spinning rock

I’d love that

If you could lay in my arms again

And tell me your stories

Then I’d have a little more fuel

To pour on this fire

And babe

Imagine what I can do then??

If I had you in my corner

I know

Not a man alive

No matter how big or fast

Could touch me

And if you stay in hell

Then I know

No woman

Will be able

To touch me either

No matter how kind

Or smart

Or genuine

She might be

She’ll never have a chance

I am only yours

You are my only muse

So meet me again

Somewhere in the stars

Where the rain doesn’t fall

Someplace where

We can hide under the covers

From the rest of the madness out there

Not even God or the Devil

Can stop me

From loving you

This life

It’s for you now

Do what you want with it

But please

Be gentle

I am just bones and blood.


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