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It Is Only The Place Where I Am At

My gums bleed

When I floss

And when I go to the dentist

It’s a Goddamn massacre

They poke their sharp tools

Right into my gums

My eyes water

And I try to tough it out

But I fucking hate it

So I haven't been

In years

I brush every day

Yet still

My breath smells like decay

My teeth aren't yellow

They are almost white

Not quite

But almost

I pluck my nose hairs daily

I bite and pick at my nails

I pluck my eyebrows when they start getting out of control

And these ear hairs are relentless

My tonsils are swollen and white

My left quadricep is strained

My hairline is fading

The knee is fucked

So is the shoulder

The hands are barely attached

The eyelids spasm

I almost look like I am in shape

The body hair is a jungle

Except for down below

He’s good to go

I bite my lip

Creating a gap between my almost white teeth

My feet hurt

My hamstring is fucked

My left radius is fucked

The eyes

Always the eyes

How tired

They always are

The big bags

That swing below them

Like dark testicles

I can hardly move

Without something hurting

Without something pulling or snapping

The ol body is beat

But the mind









This is not the end of my story

It is only

The place where I am at

I will have something to give

Until my mind

And my soul

Have flickered out

And the two flames are

Raging against the darkness.


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