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Is This Really How You Want To Live?

There are 30 trillion fish on this planet

And you think you’re important here?

There are 20 quadrillion ants on earth

And you only think about yourself and your little life?

100 billion stars in the sky

And you stay in every night scrolling through your phone?

A 4.2 billion year old world

And we poison her in the blink of an eye?

2.2 million new books get added to the shelves every year

And you don’t even read?

132 suicide attempts every day. . .

And you don’t believe in being kind to strangers? 

34 trillion dollars in debt

And you still get sucked into politics in this country?

20,000 people in America have been wrongfully convicted 

And you want to complain about the weather today?

Break out of yourself

Rage against the cage you are in

Burn down your selfish programming

Look around and really see this world 

If you

Who is a pretty decent person

Isn’t even going to try to save it

Then who the hell is?

Get off of your fucking phone and go make the world better for your kids.

A poet screaming at you the change 

Usually makes you skip the page?

Blaming everyone else

   Looking to others to make a difference

    Ignoring the suffering in the world because it’s easier for your little life 

     Sheltering inside, looking out for only your own bones and skin

Is this really how you want to live?

CH 3/9/24

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