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Invisible or immortal?

A little pixie


Words of temptation

In my ear

But she is nowhere near


I whisper back

But she can’t hear



Not from here

She can’t even

See me

She asks me

“Would you rather be immortal or be invisible?”

And I say

Into the thick air

“Babe, I am already invisible.”

But still,

She can’t see or hear me


She asks

“Invisible or immortal??”

She bares her fangs

And I feel it





All the feelings get felt

And I start to melt

“Invisible or immortal??”

“Babe . . . how about neither??”

My words get close

This time

But they die

Right before

They can reach her

And I know

If I can


Reach her

I can teach her

I thing or two

About being me

About being you

“Invisible or immortal??”

“They are both curses, babe. With one, I am chained to it already; and the other . . .

well, I wouldn’t wish that curse on anyone.”

CH 9/27/23

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