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I had a job interview earlier today

And after it was over

I was left

Not wanting the job

I had been excited about before

That’s not how it is supposed to go, isn’t it?

I felt overqualified for the low paying position

But I didn’t meet the corporations credentialed standards

Which was ridiculous

I’d have to invest 100 hours of training

And $700 of my own money to get certified

Just for

A part-time job

Stretching old people

That’s not how it’s supposed to be, is it?

She had barely said two sentences before she said,

“Well, that’s it. Any questions?”

I sat there in silence.

“None then?” she said with a little surprise in her voice.

I wanted to ask her why the hell should I even consider working for her and this chain of Stretchlabs - but I didn’t. I just double checked that I’d have to jump through all these hoops before even starting.

She said, “Well, most people that work here already have all their certifications or a bachelor's degree.”

Now her tone was condescending.

“For a part-time job that pays $15 an hour?”

“It’s $25 if you are with a client and -- “

“--Yeah, I’ll think it over and get back to you.”

I got up and left. I didn’t look back.

I had been daydreaming about quitting my current job and telling off my boss - but now I was realizing that it probably wasn’t going to be that easy.

I had never left an interview before with such a sour taste in my mouth.

It’s not supposed to be this way, is it?


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