God Pondered

Cupid punched Satan in the face

His little fist didn’t do much

but the act itself

was one that meant something

He was sticking up for someone

A man

A lonely man

A sad man

A man who needed love

A man who needed hope

Satan walked away

holding his nose

Cupid smiled

in triumph

Satan would no longer

mess with the man


he’d feel love

Cupid was on his side

Cupid knocked an arrow

and pulled back his bow

He searched for the woman meant for the man

He searched

and searched

and searched

He couldn’t find her!

She had to be out there!


He kept looking

He hadn’t punched Satan in the face for no reason

He was on a mission

He had to bring love to the man

He deserved it

But no

there was no love for him

Not anywhere on this earth

Cupid decided to meet with God

He made his case

He talked up the man

He told God

that the man was good

and that he had so much love to give

God pondered

He stroked his beard

He crossed and uncrossed his legs


God decided to make a woman for him

He pulled out his clay

and molded a woman

He breathed life into her

and sent her to earth

Cupid and god

Watched from heaven

As the two humans met

They had coffee

They laughed

And smiled

And at the end

They kissed and looked into each-others eyes


the next day

on her way to work

the new woman

was in a car accident

The man ran to the hospital to see her


it was too late

He sat in the hallway of the hospital

His head in his hands

as he cried hysterically

God and cupid

cried into their popcorn

as they watched the man suffer.


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