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Eternal Novelty

The present moment is beautiful

Because it can never be exactly repeated

There is a 

Randomness involved in the present

A potential

For anything to happen 

The trees will be different tomorrow

And so will you

So will everyone else

. . .

The sun had a storm over the weekend 

  And we saw the Aurora Borealis all over America 

   A rare cosmological event 

    And our Earth's magnetic field battled against the sun's radiation

    In the space between the sun and the earth 

    Keeping us

Alive and unharmed

Yes, one of the worst storms that we’ve ever seen happen on the sun was going on

   And I sat in the sun all weekend

Reading and book and      

            Getting a tan

This last weekend will never be repeated 

I am different now

The sun is different now

And you are different now

The river flowed downstream 

Time passed

A leaf fell off of a tree

Someone died

And someone new was born . . .

Every present moment is unique 

And that shouldn’t ever be

Taken for granted.

CH 5/22/24

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