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Down The Wishing Well

Only time will tell

If these wishes thrown down

All these wishing wells

Will come true

Or were we just

Wasting our change?

Were we just

Throwing our time away?




Into a well

The coin bounces off of the walls

In the darkness

The noise echoes back up to us

But we hear it fading away

As our wishes travel

Further and further away from us

Down a deep well

We wish again

We wish that God would forgive our sins

We wish we could start life again

We wish just one person would listen

We wish for love

We wish for change

We wish we could stay the same

We wish we didn’t feel so much pain

We wish we weren’t numb

We wish we could stay young

We wish for more wishes and then we spend our life wishing

And then

We look back

And wish we would’ve been living

Instead of busy wishing.

CH 12/20/23

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