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Do You Feel Free?

Look a little closer

and you’ll see it.

This world,

it’s so full of corruption-

so full of deception.

These politicians,

they know exactly how to pull your strings.

They know how to trigger you

so you’ll vote their way.

Beware of election years,






human rights,




‘leaked’ documents,

anything to trigger you,

they’ll use it.

They’ll pull your strings until your emotion blinds you.

You know this,

I know you do.

It's blatant.

But still,

the madness of the crowds,

the trigger words,

the peer pressure,

it’ll all swallow you up if you let it.

Don’t let it.


these elites

and these greedy leeches

we call our leaders,

you’re just a pawn to them;

and you do exactly what they tell you to do.

It’s easier for you that way.

You know it,

I know you do.

You see it,

I know you do.

Look a little further.

Look at history.

It’s all there,

clear as day.

Most Americans do not care about ‘human rights’,

they only give a fuck if it directly effects them.

Insert one of the trigger words

and watch the crowds go mad.

Then watch

as the next trigger word echos around the news and social media,

and look at how quickly they change their tune.

Hypocritical, selfish bastards,

that’s our culture.

From the top to the bottom.

The land of the free,

but do you feel free?

Do you feel free?

Chained to your job and to your culture,

as the government pulls your strings.

Do you feel free?

Maybe freedom is subjective,

I’ll give you that,

but do you feel it?

You’re a fuse,

ready to be lit,

and when the signal is sent to you,


you’ll explode.

You’ll take to the internet and scream injustice.

You’ve been indoctrinated,

and you willingly wear your chains.

So watch your Netflix,

get triggered,

drive to work pissed off,

complain to everyone who can hear you,

throw your temper-tantrum,

live ignorantly,

and tomorrow,

when the next signal is sent,

be the good boys and girls,

and do what your government wants.


wake the fuck up.

The choice is yours.

Do you feel free?


do you?


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