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Cotton Candy Skies Eat Time Alive






Heard words

Red ones

Blue ones

Read ones

True ones

Bad ones


Staying high

Staying blind


Right and wrong

Meaning and believing

Achieving and seeing

Conceiving and creating

Sleeping and shaving



My wild child

With the rules

From the ruler's

"Shoes on feet"

"Speak on beat"

"Take the heat"

The talk is cheap

The talk is cheap

They want to get it for free

Feasting on me

Feasting on me

Red words

Read words

Dead words

Only useful when used

Only heard when abused

Cheese in the maze

Locked in the house for day’s

Staring at screens

Stuck in a daze

Lost in a daydream

Minutes, hours, days pass

What it meant

Doesn’t seem to mean anything today



Is a new play

With the same actors on the stage

What was meaningful yesterday

Faded away

And I am asked again

To find a way

And a reason why

To try

Again and again

Asked . . . again

The sun comes up

And cotton candy skies

Eat time alive

As it reaches a peak

The brightest star in our sky


It falls

Like things do

After they’ve hit their peaks

And she



To earth

And the cotton candy skies

Eat time alive


And it all repeats

Ends and begins

Every 86,400 seconds

It all ends and begins.


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