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Catching Air With A Butterfly Net

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I cannot explain to you

What it is

To exist

Like many elements of life

It’s meant to be felt

Not described

Trying to describe it

Is like trying to catch air with a butterfly net

Which by the way

I think is pretty damn cruel

Those things aren’t meant to be caught

Just like how birds aren't meant to be caged

They deserve freedom

They deserve

The sky

I hate seeing a bird caged

And I have to imagine

If there's a God

He/she hates it

When we cage our meaning

And our existence

With words

It’s too much for words to catch

Like the caged bird

Like the caught butterfly

Life must be free

Life needs the sky too

The philosopher

And the priest

They capture an essence

And ruin it

The act of the capture

Tries to turn it into a slave of man

When truthfully

We are in a symbiotic relationship with it

It is here and nowhere

And we aren't as capable

Of zooming out

And seeing our lives clearly

As we think we are.


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