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Anna K.

Updated: Aug 20

“I am reading Anna Karenina right now. I am devouring it. It's crazy good!”

“Did you ever hear what inspired Tolstoy to write that book?” the old man said.

“No, but I did hear that Leo considered it his first real novel. He didn’t think 'War And Peace' was a real piece of fiction.”

“Yeah, he thought it was a historical piece; but, anyway, Anna Karenina!” the old man said, with excitement in his eyes, “Tolstoy really saw a woman jump in front of a train and die!”

“. . . Max, is that how the book ends??”

“. . .”

“Damnit, Max! I didn’t know the ending! Is that really how it ends??”

“. . .”

“Well, shit.”

". . . It's one of the most famous books of all time."

"Yeah, but I didn't know the ending!"

". . ."


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