An Unexpected Perfect Day

Wake up

Take the dog on a walk

Listen to another lecture on meaning

Try to appreciate the sun

Go get breakfast and coffee

The dog hangs his head out the window

With the wind on his face

And his tongue out

He seems happy

And I am happy

That he is happy

Eat breakfast

Go back out in the sun



Being grateful for the sun

And all of nature

Drink some water

Grab my guitar

Go back outside

And practice

Talk to the roommates

Feed the dog

Drive to the river

Go on a jog

On the trail

That snakes along the river


With the sun

And nature

Greeting me again

With music on

And the heart rate up


Then drink a beer

And write


Floating the river with the friends

An unexpected invite

They bring me a inner tube


And beer

The water is peaceful

And being with friends

Is always

Good for a laugh

And a few smiles

I close my eyes

And enjoy floating on the river

We get tacos and margaritas afterwards

And after that

Hawaiian shaved Ice

Not a bad Sunday

In the middle of July

Of 2022

It's been a shit few years

But lately

Things have felt




An unexpected

Perfect day

No real plans

Just flowing

With the waves of life.


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