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America In My Pocket

Thinking about thinking

When everyone has all the answers on their phones

Seconds away

From finding out

Whatever they want

College lectures free on youtube


an infinite sea of distractions

Audio books



Free knowledge


free pleasure

Free stimulation

Free distractions

This spider web

It’s a tool

It all depends on how we use it


here is the kick in the pants,

Who is it that is giving us the answers to our questions?

When we take to google,

what at Google is answering us?

An algorithm?

But isn’t behind the algorithm

A human?

Somewhere back there

there’s a person who sold out

and became a tool for propaganda

Of course this would happen

The government has to have their hands in everything

Don’t they?

We thought we were gaining knowledge

We thought we were answering our questions

But instead

We found control

We found lies

We found greed and shenanigans

Of course we did

This is america

And we are arrogant

And greedy

And unfortunately

We are ignorant too

We think we have all the answers

But instead

We have all the lies and delusions

We have our culture in our pockets.


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