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Achilles, Come Down

Fight for pride? 

    Fight for ego?

Fight for faith?

     Fight to fight off boredom?

Fight to dominate?

    Fight for control?

Fight for dreams?

   Fight for inspiration?

Fight for selfishness?

Fight because it’s what I know?

Fight for freedom?

   Fight for peace?

Fight for fun?

    Fight for money?

Fight for love?

Fight for more life?

Fight for fame?

    Fight for sex?

Fight for the challenge?

    Fight for family?

Fight for friends?

    Fight for Country? 

         Fight because no one thinks that I can?

Fight to prove them wrong?

   Fight for the fire?

Fight for the spirit?

 . . .  Why should someone fight at all? 

Does this world need more fighters? 

   Does it need more poets? 

      Or more story-tellers? 

      Does this world need more brave men and women?

Was Aristotle's definition of courage the right one?

Does this world need more hope? Does fighting even inspire hope?

Does it need more entertainment?

Is it worth the cost of brain cells?

. . .

What do I need more of?

. . .

I need both, the fighter and the writer. 

The problem is

   I’ve sidelined Achilles for too long now

      And his arm is twitching in his sleep

              As he dreams of glory 

What a crazy ass dream this dude, Achilles, has . . .

Please come down from your sleep

 On your roof,


   Leave your women,

  And tell me about your aspiring glory. 

I need to know if 

     it’ll be worth it

in the end.

. . .

Achilles? . . .


      Are you still there?

Will you come down off of your roof and fight again?

CH 1/15/24

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