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A Y.O.L.O Toast For The Millennial's

What is your meaning?

Why are you here today?

Do you know?


Why not?

Have you thought about it?

Who are you?

Who you could be?

Who should you be?


You don't think too much about it?

It makes you uncomfortable?

You don’t want to have a meaning?

You want to avoid responsibility?

Well hey kid,

Maybe this is why you are depressed?

Maybe this is why you are afraid of everything?

Maybe this is why everything stresses you out?

Maybe it's why your anxiety is always turned up to max?

It could be why you walk around feeling like an empty shell.

A skin suit.

A brain and a body

No soul.

Just another human.

Here temporarily.

What keeps you going when your life falls to shit?

Why do you keep going?

What can make it worth it?

Why haven’t you killed yourself?

What is keeping you here?

Do you have someone?

Someone you love?

A kid?

A wife?

Do you still have something you want to accomplish with your life?

Why haven’t you done it?

Are you working on it?

Will you make it happen?

It’s up to you to do it.

Only you.

What if you get to choose your meaning?

And it’s as easy as that.

In every single second,

You choose.

You choose who you are.

With your thoughts.

With your beliefs.

With your words.

With your actions.

With all of you.

Pick a meaning.

That's it.

That's your’s.

Hold onto it.

Keep it in your mind.

Keep it in your soul.

Feel it in your bones.

Be a good parent.

Strive for a goal.

Make things happen.



Be something.

Just don’t be nothing.

Just don’t believe you are here for no reason.

Just don’t give up.

Find a meaning.

Find a purpose.

You turn to a therapist,

Without ever consulting a philosopher?

Or a poet?

Read them for yourself.

Meaning is philosophy.

The material,

It's out there.

Smarter minds then your therapist.

You’ll give a semi credentialed stranger a chance,

But not a world renown existentialist?

An objectivist?

It’s there for you to learn.

Their books.

Their teachings.

Their advice.

There for you to arm yourself against the upcoming tragedies.

The inevitable tragedies.

The disease.

The death.

The pain of losing.

The unfairness of life.

Get yourself ready.

Every day you must be ready.

Keep a hold of your purpose.

It’s okay to change it,

Just don't lose it.

Be that something you always wanted to be.

Don’t let life stop you.

Create that thing you always wanted to create.

By the time most of you will realize that you can still be anything,

It’ll be too late to be what you had always wanted.

The curse of wisdom is that it only comes with time and mistakes.

Adapt then.

Become something new.


Have hope.

Choose your meaning.


Learn as much as you can while you can.

The more you know,

the more tools you have in the fight.

Don’t forget your accomplishments.

We came from the stars.

We built the pyramids.

We are nature.

We are love.

When you look at the mountains,


You’re connected with that mountain.

With that waterfall.

With that sunset.

The same nature that created it,

She also created you.

Look at the skyscrapers,

That was made by your fellow man.

People just like you.

When you look to the moon,


We were there.

Your fellow men and women.

Believe in yourself.

Trust yourself.

You are unique.

There’s no doubt.

Down to your DNA.

Down in your soul.

You are unique.

Trust your mind.

Feed it.

Trust your love.

Feed it.

Trust your gut.

You somehow already know what you want.

You always knew.

But people told you who you are.

And who you should be.

You believed them.

Our culture tells you who you ought to be.

And you believed it.

But only you really know.

They don’t.

They can’t see it.

Not until you show them.

Believe in that part of you that wants to believe.

Feed it.

The child in you.

The kid who had dreams.

Dreams until life beats them out of you.

Find them again.

Like the great millennial philosophers said when they were kids,

‘You Only Live Once’

Y.O.L.O. baby.

Only they didn’t know what they were saying.

They were giving themselves an out.

A way out of responsibility and meaning.

An excuse to fuck around

And piss their life away.

To party.

And be dumb.

Then they grew up to be depressed adults.

Afraid of responsibility.

Afraid of meaning.

Afraid of purpose.

You only live once.

But that should be a constant reminder of your meaning.

Of why you're here.

Of the limited time you have to accomplish something.

Of the limited time to be someone.

Of the limited time to fall in love.

Of the limited time to be a great father.

It shouldn’t be something you toast to,

With a red solo cup in your hand,

A shitty vodka drink in it,

during your senior year of high school,

at a shitty party you’ll never remember.

It’s a statement worth thinking about.

You only live once.

The real meaning of Y.O.L.O.

It’s a call to arms.

A call to get going.

A call to adventure.

You have one life and it is yours.

All yours.

What will you do with it?

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