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A Spark

A feeling can spark a flame.

And the flame is both life and death.

Light and chaos.

This is what it means to feel.

To feel something real.

The highs and lows.

The joys and sorrow.

Everything has a balance.

The worst things we can feel

Are often followed by the best

And vice versa.

But we know this

We just choose not to see it.

To only see the light

And pretend the chaos isn't there

Lurking in the background of every feeling.

And then there are those times where there is no spark

No flame

No feeling

Here lays the darkness

And the darkness is hell.

Feeling numb

Feeling nothing.

Day after day.

It’s worse than feeling everything.

It’s better to light the flame

Then to never light it at all.

It’s better to feel

And take your chances with the chaos

Then to feel nothing at all.

You must remember this when you’re in hell.

You might be tempted to stay there.

To feel nothing at all.

But you must endure.

Hell on earth






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