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A Slight Influence On The World

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

It’s all been too much

It’s all been too little

It’s all been a dream

It’s all in the mind

It’s throughout all of space and time

It is

And it isn’t

This thing that I see

When I look in the mirror


What a riddle

What a mystery

Clues left by history

And all the reflections

Of me

Staring back at me

What an enigma this is

This consciousness

And what it is

To exist

I called myself an existentialist

Because nothing else made sense

But it’s all a process though

All a flow

It’s a grow

An adaption

Us in the making

As we make it

Stakes are high

But we have to raise it

Double down

And look around

There's no time to wait

Your in it

And with it

This moment in space.

If this world needed saving

Would you run that race?

What if the smallest acts of kindness

Are what constantly remind us

Of what we should strive to be

You and me

In little moments

Making magic

Making habits

For the world to see

A slight influence on the universe

But worth it

All the same

So smile once in awhile

And make someone's day

Take a breath

Take a step

It’ll all be okay…



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