A Poem Is A Mirror

A poem is a mirror

reflecting back

the side you choose not to see,

revealing to you

your sins.

You might resent the poet that holds up the mirror

But please,

be gentle with me,


I too

have my own sins…

Who holds up the mirror for me?

Must I do it for you and me both??

Ah, the burden of Atlas!

It always comes back to Atlas and Sisyphus with me!

Damn you existentialist!

Suffer bravely?!


I cannot!

I will not!


But I must…

So cast your stones at your poet who helps you see your shadow!

Blame me for seeing the world poorly!

I am the distorted mirror

and the reflection you see,

it moves your stomach,

only because you know,

you see you,

and cannot accept this to be



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