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A Ghost For A Grandma

An old lady

In her 90’s

Lays in the hospital

After having a violent fall

Which resulted in her breaking her hip

And it seems like

She isn't going to recover

She will probably pass soon. . .

And she

She is my grandma

Who I've never met

And I didn't even know her name

Until an aunt

That I don't remember ever meeting

Sent me a message on my writing Instagram page

Telling me all of this

And she gave me her phone number

Just in case I want to meet my grandmother before she dies. . .

My father

Never talked about his mom to me

Not once

And he talked about his dad

Just a few times

He was emancipated when he was 15 or 16

And all I know

Is that he supposedly had a horrible childhood with them

But he never talked about that either

I would just hear whispers

While growing up

About them

And this lady

That is in the hospital with the broken hip

Is my last living grandparent

I don't know how to feel

Or what to do

The only thing that I am

Is curious

I always did have to learn about something for myself

I could never just take someone's word for it

And I am really curious if my father chose a lady that was like his own mother

When he chose his ex wife - my mother.

I just wonder

If the cycle continues . . .

And I am curious about myself

And if I do ever have kids

If I'll let them meet my mom

Or if one day

They'll get a random message from my sister

Telling them that she is in the hospital

And that she might pass soon

I am curious

What my son would do. . .

CH 3/21/24

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I am curious about the wife you will choose . . .

Replying to

I have a feeling that our unconscious chooses our partners for us. . .

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