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A Calling For Change

Updated: Jan 1

Each day

Feels the same

Only the people change

Only the screens

Move in different ways

With different things to say

But I stare at them

Like life is in them

And on and on it goes

With no new shows

Just the same shoes

With the same souls

Walking around town

Searching for a new sound

A pluck

From the guitar

A new high note

From the local star

A new picture

From the artist

That leaves the heart


But it is always the same shit

Isn’t it?

Just slightly


Pay rent

Go to work

Try not to be a jerk

Wait in line

Try not to

Lose your mind

One line at a time

Try to shine

Do your best

And the rest

Well that’ll take care of itself

That's what they say

Don’t they?

But the days still feel the same

I’ve seen this play


Shoulders feeling heavy

Head down

Dark clouds

A face in the crowd

Of 7.2 billion

All busy


To stop and see

Someone like me

It’s too real

Popping of the screens

Like 3D

Art is reality

And reality

Is art

And it tugs

At the human heart

Pulling it this way or that way

Which way

I cannot say

But a way

I’m sure

Even if it’s a bit strange

It’s a calling for something like


Maybe then

All these days

Won't feel the same.


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