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Drinks 5-6 cups of coffee a day

Smokes 4-5 cigarettes

Pops a few adderall

And takes on the world


takes long showers,

blasting her punk rock.

Then she gets dressed in all black


screams profanities at people in traffic that don’t deserve it


hates check-out ladies at the store


has a smile that can be so sarcastic

that it’ll cut you


leave you bleeding

As she sings another Fall Out Boy song


walk over your body

To pet her dog

Her confidence and venom intimidates a lot of men

So the weak ones,

who need a mom,

or direction,

They fall for her;

And follow her around,

Little puppies,

For her to smile at

As she tightens their leash


cracks her knuckles

And screams injustice at the world

It’s the damn patriarchy man


eat the patriarchy if she could

And shit it out

And build a castle in the clouds

With that shit

And then call it a new world

So why did I fall for her?


obviously for all of those reasons I listed above



I wonder

if cupid has

shitty aim.


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