Updated: Aug 10

It’s been happening

Every day

For over a year now

I see


On my watch

Or a clock

Or on a phone

It is relentless

And I've come to expect it




11/17 is my birthday

I know

That it could be a bio rhythm

Or something I subconsciously trained myself to do


When I looked up

What it means

To see your birthday everywhere


And the internet


That seeing your birth date

Is a sign


A ‘spiritual awakening’

This is such a funny way

To show me

That you are here

With me

Mr God.

I suppose

There could be signs of you everywhere

If we just stop

And look for you

Or maybe

It’s just a coincidence

Just seeing my birthday

Every single day

Doesn’t convince me yet

Mr God

What about suffering children?

I’d rather see that get fixed

Then see my birthday every day.


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